About the revolution

Sami from Chile shares her thoughts about her home country's revolution.

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I’m Sami from Chile. I’m backpacking around the world and made a small stop in Trondheim on my way to the northern lights. I’m a sharer – I don’t think that’s an actual word, but it should be. I have this need to share everything that I have inside me with others because only by sharing can I make sure that it’s real.

So I want to share with this community that there is a huge revolution happening in my home country, and the whole of my home continent, because awakening is contagious. Revolutions have always come together, but previously people weren’t able to realize their neighbors were revolting at the same time. Nowadays, thanks to technology and social media, we know that we are fighting altogether. We want a better world for everybody. The main issues are economic inequality and social injustice, but there is also a call for better education, environmental protection and LGBT rights.

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A big part of the revolution is the feminist movement – feminism is not hating men, feminism is loving women and men equally, understanding that they are equally awesome and so they deserve equal rights. Worldwide, my country included, there is still too much gender inequality, still too many femicides, male abuse and sexual violence. So a group of chilean girls called “Las Tesis” created a song and choreography against sexual violence. The song is “Un violador en tu camino” (A rapist on your way). It started as a street performance, along with the other social manifestations, and it became so viral that women started to replicate it all over the globe, even here in Trondheim. A couple of girls and I performed our snowy version, because from Chile to Russia, from South-Africa to Norway, all women can identify with the same problem, and we all had it, that was it!

The change is now or never. The revolution will be feminist or it won’t be at all.