The deforestation of Moholt

As busy students, we don’t always have time to venture into the forest to get our nature fix, so why does Sit keep cutting down trees?

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Moving into Moholt Studentby in August 2018, I found the lack of flora and character surprising, given the ample space provided. As an international student, the wild, untamed nature surrounding Trondheim is remarkably striking compared to my own home, which is flat and a bit dull. So why is it that many of the commercial high rises and apartment complexes opt for blocky, contrasting buildings with a bleak, manicured look? This mirrors what I’ve heard from the mouths of many other international and Norwegian residents I’ve met in Norway.

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Corporate interests don’t care about residents because they view nature and land as a resource to make quick profits. As a supposedly student run organization providing for students, why is it that Sit is acting like a corporation instead of a community organization? Sit doesn’t even manage to polish up as well.

When I first moved into my room, the courtyard outside was already relatively barren, but there were several trees that I distinctly remember just outside my window. One in particular used to lightly brush at my window from time to time, and it made me feel closer to the forest. I may have named that tree George… sue me.

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Silly as it may seem, it gave me a sense of peace and calmness when I looked outside. Sometime that fall, they began mending power, drainage, and sewage for the cluster of apartments surrounding the courtyard. A bit noisy and disruptive, but necessary. It made me incredibly sad when I saw George and several other trees being cut down, but I assumed the roots just needed to be cleared to continue digging. I assumed they would repurpose the area when finished. These trees were not replanted in the spring and there now remains a lovely patch of unused space in which no plants grow other than neatly trimmed grass. There’s also an unnecessary, unattractive asphalt path cutting across the courtyard on both sides.

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On February 26, 2020, Sit once again cut down at least three of the trees that make up the central, public gathering area for students, particularly in the summer. As busy students, we don’t always have time to venture into the forest to get our nature fix, so why continue to tear down what little we have here without being good stewards of the land you tend to, Sit? If it’s for ‘safety’ or maintenance, then let’s see some fresh life planted this spring. Better yet, give us a chance to come together as a community and grow something together.

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